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THUAS Collaborates with ICSS on cybersecurity of smart cities

The Hague University of Applied Science (THUAS) is an HSD partner since the establishment of the Dutch Security Cluster. In 2020, a new project was acquired to research the cybersecurity of smart city infrastructures. This is carried out together with knowledge partner NHL Stenden, municipalities Zoetermeer, Apeldoorn, Eindhoven, The Hague and companies Cybersprint, Hikvision and VCS Observation.

Marcel Spruit, professor of the Cybersecurity Knowledge Center at the HHS, collaborates with HSD and the ICSS in the context of several cyber security investigations. An example is the smart city project, where research is conducted into digital security. “What you see is that all kinds of applications such as smart lampposts are used functionally. It is forgotten to look at security by design. As a result, for example, all sounds in the street are recorded, instead of just the sounds that should trigger an alarm. We look at the functionality and security of smart city applications.” 

Substantive knowledge 

Spruit sees that within the Dutch Security Cluster HSD not only regional and national networks are being linked together, but that substantive knowledge is also increasingly being contributed. “An important added value”, according to Spruit. “Knowledge development is still not happening enough in our field. That is why an additional knowledge partner is very welcome.” As an example, he cites the preliminary research into smart cities that HSD had carried out on its own initiative. “HSD Office already thought beforehand, so that we had the right knowledge available from the start. Now we can immediately make progress.” An additional advantage of substantive knowledge is that process guidance by HSD is more effective. “Substantive understanding leads to better management.” Spruit also sees an important role for HSD Office when it comes to public-private partnerships and the facilitation of financing. “Our research is not fully funded by the government. We therefore need co-financing. HSD Office knew which governments and companies have an interest in our research. These parties are now actively participating and paying. In this way, our research also gets a large and relevant reach.”

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