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CERIS seminar on Artificial Intelligence for security purposes, maximising benefits and reducing risks

EU civil security research supports the technological development of artificial intelligence (AI) for security purposes, while fully respecting societal and ethical concerns. Only when the use of AI is trustworthy, it can enhance our security.

This CERIS workshop allows the participants to explore and discuss how to use of AI tools for security purposes, while ensuring that such use remains trustworthy. We will exchange views on how to take into account the needs of law enforcement in daily practice as well as in the AI Act, which is currently under discussion by the EU co-legislators. We will also examine the need and options for establishing a European data space for law enforcement. Furthermore, we will look at successful examples how AI supports civil security.

Discussions will therefore focus on the following topics in three corresponding panels:

  • Proposed AI Act and its implications for law enforcement.
  • Relevance and purpose of a future possible European Security Data Space for Innovation.
  • Successful examples as well as future aspirations for AI in support of civil security.

By using CERIS to bring together a wide range of stakeholders, ranging from security practitioners and policy makers to researchers and academia, this event will allow its participants to share their views and experiences on this topic.

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Source: European Commission.