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For safer Dutch municipalities

Like other cities around the world, Dutch municipalities are facing a variety of security challenges. From High Impact Crimes and subversion to radicalisation and cybercrime. Threats are diverse and resources always limited.

At the same time, more and more sensors (a.o. camera, light-, sound- and matter sensors) can be found in cities, that are connected to various networks and existing data collections. The use of technology in the city offers opportunities for increasing safety but does not yet create a Smart Secure Society. 

The Impact Coalition Safety & Security (ICSS) believes that by developing a versatile set of instruments for administrators and executives in the city we can increase urban safety in Dutch cities. Our mission is to join forces to use Smart Society and digitisation in an effective and efficient manner for issues related to Safety & Security.

What is the ICSS?

  • A collaboration between municipalities, the police, knowledge institutes and companies that is supported by the Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) and Security Delta (HSD). 
  • A network that shares lessons learned and wants to make proven innovative solutions successful (implementation and scaling up).

    (Please find on this website Reports but also Programmes & Projects (in Dutch) illustrating lessons learned and innovative solutions from Dutch cities.
  • The ICSS is an initiating and agenda-setting body between the cities for the realisation of innovations in the smart city for the benefit of safety and security.
  • A public-driven initiative that works towards safer cities and preconditions for scalable solutions. Chaired by the Municipality of The Hague and with representatives of the VNG, municipalities including Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Apeldoorn and Almere, the police and HSD.
  • An active community, keeping cities safe and making smart secure.

Current focus themes

  • Crowd Management
  • Information-driven security
  • Securing and monitoring public spaces

    Emphasis is placed on the cyber security of the smart city infrastructure and social values associated with the development of innovations, such as privacy and ethics.

How can ICSS help you?

  • Use each other’s experimentation space and network
  • Focus collaboration on innovation and scaling up
  • Active sharing of knowledge and experience
  • Joint programming and (inter)national profiling

Shape the Future!

If you like more information or want to get in contact with the Impact Coalition Safety & Security (ICSS), please send an email to [email protected]